Becoming a member of ASWA

Michal Voráč

As part of the software development environment in Czechia, we decided to join the local initiative to help and educate potential clients called ASWA.

After operating on the market for more than seven years, we know that it is hard to understand how the development process works for potential clients. There are different approaches to development as there are also other approaches to choose a vendor for someone who is not used to working in this environment.

Why did we join?

  • We want to help potential clients to understand better what we do.
  • We want to help potential clients to choose the right vendor.
  • We want to help potential clients with the quality of their specifications.

Overall the primary goal of ASWA, as we understand it, is to save the client from choosing the wrong agency to work with. Because in most cases, it is not a short relationship, but you sometimes spend years working together.