Elearn Aero


ELEARN.AERO is a technology company based in Košice, Slovakia, delivering high-quality e-learning experience to flight crew, cabin crew and other aviation personnel. Their drive for improvement in the quality of their content and attention to detail makes ELEARN.AERO one of Europe’s leading educational platforms.

Our goal & challenges

When we first met the team from ELEARN.AERO in 2015, they presented us with three A4 pages which included a brief introduction and functionality requirements. Two years later, we created a robust web application, custom-made CMS for managing educational content and a native iOS application communicating with the back-end server through a custom-made REST API. As a result tens of companies use the product.

We would not have been successful if we hadn't tried to understand all aspects of our client’s business and take into consideration the views of stakeholders. For many months we communicated extensively with ELEARN.AERO’s potential clients to hear their thoughts on internal education and how ELEARN.AERO could help. This not only gave us a better understanding of the product, but it also helped create new business opportunities.

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