Cogniware is a Prague-based company that offers AI and ML tools to organisations. Netvor produced a multilingual website for Cogniware that featured integrated CMS and innovative designs. Our client now has a streamlined process for updating and editing all their content.

Information Architecture
UX/UI Design
Responsive Coding
CMS Development
“NETVOR has shown immense effort to help us meet a very challenging deadline.”
- Martin Černý, Cogniware

Our goal & challenges

Cogniware was great at reaching large audiences across Europe and the Middle-East, but customers were struggling to understand what the company was offering.

We were determined to find a simple, yet visually appealing, way to communicate Cogniware's products and services. To do this, we reorganised their entire content structure and revamped their visual identity. Customers can now navigate the website easily and learn about the company’s AI services through bespoke, interactive graphics.

To reach as many customers as possible, we optimised the website for Mobile and made sure we delivered on intuitive UI and fast loading times. We also streamlined their content management process by using Sulu CMS. Sulu not only allows Cogniware to change text, it also allows them to create new pages from pre-defined templates across the whole of their multilingual site. We then presented a prototype to our client so they knew exactly what to expect from their new website before it launched.

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