Simple Dent is a revolutionary software for dentists that helps them manage their daily workload faster. Every day, dentists spend a lot of time managing patients, scheduling appointments and adding new operations. We – together, with Simple Dent – decided to change that.

Our role for this client

Proof of Concept Product Strategy & Roadmap UX/UI Design Web Development

Our goal & challenges

Our goal was to build a new product from scratch. Dental software on the market was full of outdated desktop solutions. Without even a flash of innovation here, dentists couldn’t spend more time with their patients because they couldn’t simplify their daily routine.

In less than five months, we brought an MVP to life. Within this timeframe we designed, developed and tested the product while organising regular focus groups. Today, more and more dentists are using Simple Dent to run their offices.


Simple Dent – Calendar


Simple Dent – Dashboard


Simple Dent – Patient

Dental Cross

Simple Dent – Dental Cross


Simple Dent – Visitors

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