CATI is a Prague based startup in the trending IVF industry. In its core, there is a web-based education & collaboration tool for IVF clinics. The AI-powered startup is onboarding its first clients and we have our fingers crossed for them to set up a new standard in the industry!

Our role for this client

Proof of Concept UX/UI Design System Architecture Web Development

Our goal & challenges

NETVOR was given a chance to participate as the product developer of CATI. Challenges were clear. How do we bring such disruptive piece of technology into the industry so the users understand it? Before CATI, the usual report of a concrete embryo was mostly an A4 of descriptive text.

Now, it is all data, curves and markers that objectively asset the quality of embryos. For that reason, we created an education zone that helps embryologist using CATI to understand how different phenomena they already know transcribe into CATI ecosystem.

Once they understand the correlations, they are able to actively use CATI and obtain much more precise conclusions due to hard evidence with less of an error. All that presented in a user-friendly way.

Embryo Library

CATI – Embryo Library


CATI – Compare


CATI – Incubator


CATI – Embryos


CATI – Cohorts

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