CATI is a trending IVF startup based in Prague. They offer online education and collaboration tools for IVF clinics. The AI-powered startup is onboarding its first clients and we’re rooting for them to set a new standard for their industry!

Proof of Concept
UX/UI Design
System Architecture
Web Development
“NETVOR follows project deadlines and agreements.”

Our goal & challenges

NETVOR was given a chance to be CATI’s product developer and we immediately saw the challenges ahead of us. How can we bring such a disruptive piece of AI technology into the industry and make sure users understand it?

Before CATI, a typical report of a healthy embryo looked like an A4 page of text. Now, clear and visual data is given by the AI-powered platform to show the quality of an embryo, while the education zone helps embryologists understand how CATI is calculating their data.

In addition to these features, we also created a forum for embryologists to share their expertise and ask for advice. This information helps the user reach a precise conclusion, using data that is presented in a user-friendly way.

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