Roletik is a Prague-based startup that develops management software for casting agencies. When they approached us, they only had an idea. Now, they are onboarding their first clients.

UX/UI Design
System Architecture
Web Development
“NETVOR has played a crucial role in the company's growth.”
- Founder & COO Roletik

Our goal & challenges

There are no best practices in the casting management industry which means nearly every company has its own workflow. Spreadsheets and simple databases are often used, but these are hard to maintain and collaborate on. Managers have to use texts and phone calls to coordinate groups of people, and workflow is not digitised. This means teammates find it difficult to see and manage progress in their projects.

We mapped out every single step that occurred during and after the casting process and realised Roletik needed a complex solution. In the end, we managed to create a customised workflow that was bespoke to Roletik. As well as being able to manage their own database of film Extras, the solution allowed them to manage lead generation and gather feedback from their production team. Through automation and streamline processing,

Roletik is challenging the status quo of how casting agencies manage their operations.

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