Roletik is a Prague based startup that develops management software for casting agencies. The founder's team came to us with just an idea. Nowadays, the startup is onboarding its first clients.

Our role for this client

UX/UI Design System Architecture Web Development

Our goal & challenges

Roletik had one major challenge. There is no best practice in the casting management industry. Every company working in the industry has more or less its own workflow. Moreover, the industry mostly works with spreadsheets and simple databases which are hard to maintain and hard to collaborate on. Managers use SMS and phone calls to coordinate groups of people. As the workflow is not digitized, it is hard to keep up with progress on the project for team members.

We identified every step that must occur in the casting process and afterwards, we laid down a universal workflow and built the whole ecosystem around it. Through automation and solid processes Roletik is challenging the status quo of how today’s casting agencies manage their operations.


Roletik – Projects


Roletik – Dashboard

User Database

Roletik – User Database


Roletik – Casting


Roletik – Shooting

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