Fondee is a Fintech platform that allows everyone to invest in bonds, stocks and shares through ETFs. With thousands of users and reputable investors behind them, they are on their way to becoming a top online investment platform.

Our role for this client

Web Development System Architecture API Development Responsive Coding

Our goal & challenges

Fondee works in a way that automatizes your investment based on your risk profile. To realize your investment, they need to use a broker. We were asked to be part of the process of integration with a new broker (from Degiro to J&T Bank) and to prepare the platform for future growth.

We re-developed the product from the ground up. The main challenge was analyzing the current functionality and then planning and delivering on time (due to a fixed deadline for the data migration).

Fondee is under the supervision of the Czech National Bank (CNB) and recently gained a securities dealer license that helps them expand the service portfolio and enter into other European markets (as Fondee currently only operates in Czechia).

The platform is under constant maintenance and development.


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