BigMedia is one of the largest outdoor advertising space providers in Czechia. BigMedia's subsidiary, Plakatov, serves as a sales channel for short and proximate future rental of the outdoor advertisement space.

Our role for this client

Technical Strategy System Architecture Web Development Maintenance

Our goal & challenges

Plakátov was developed in collaboration with Sherpas, Prague based UX agency. We have teamed up to deliver a high performing online solution that allows clients to buy outdoor advertisement space. Client is taken through an intuitive interface that helps the client to select the right space in line with his preferences such as location, price and term.

Plakátov features administration interface for advertisers who can issue discounts and manage their advertisement spaces across multiple sites for both, their customers and sales agents respectively. One of the challenging tasks was the integration with clients information system and also the clever distribution of all advertisement spaces across the right sites.


Plakátov – Homepage


Plakátov – Map


Plakátov – Result


Plakátov – Detail


Plakátov – Order
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