CF Hero, a nonprofit, came to us with a noble request. They asked us to build an app for young patients diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. The aim was to help them deal with the demanding treatment they have to go through every day.

Android Development
Landing Page Design
Landing Page Development
UI Design

Our goal & challenges

There were many challenges in this project. One of them was to design the app in a way that made the target audience want to use it daily.

The treatment of cystic fibrosis is extremely important for a longer and healthier life, especially in adolescence, so we had to make sure we were building and designing it well. Treatment takes a lot of time and must be done properly so the key to success was to maintain the younger population’s interest, which is not an easy task. This is why we helped to create a beautiful UI, using hand-drawn graphics, with an agency called Butterflies and Hurricanes.

The app works by rewarding users every time they undergo the assisted treatment process within the app. They can then use their points - oxygens - to customise characters and buy stories.

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